Quickly fill your Safety Staffing needs.

FDRsafety provides safety staffing for a wide variety of industries and workplaces. Our industry leading placement service will quickly and seamlessly fill your need for an on-site safety professional. For nearly three decades we have developed, recruited, and placed world-class safety professionals throughout the United States and abroad, in industries including construction, pipeline, manufacturing, oil and gas, steel and many more.

We also staff on-site professionals for occupational health / industrial hygiene. With our deep roots in the profession, we have established a large network of highly qualified safety professionals – people we can rely on with short notice. By utilizing FDRsafety’s safety staffing services you will receive top-notch expertise. Our experts in the field are supported by a team of safety professionals with the deepest knowledge in the business.

Our Staffing Process 

Our job is to make your staffing search as streamlined as possible. 

Rapid Response

We know that when businesses need safety staffing for projects, they often need it quickly. Our process is designed to rapidly respond ensure the fastest turnaround possible.

Quality Professionals

With decades of safety experience, we know who ``the right people`` are. Our network of high quality safety professionals stretches across all 50 states and beyond.
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In-House Administration

We handle all payroll and human resources matters. If our Safety Professional falls ill, we quickly provide a substitute.

Temporary Safety Staffing

FDRsafety takes the worry out of staffing safety professionals for your worksite. Our safety professionals are top-notch, and since they are our employees, we take care of all administrative and human resources matters.

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Full-Time Safety Staffing

FDRsafety brings expertise to the table in recruiting to fill your full-time openings. We are safety professionals recruiting safety professionals. We can quickly provide qualified candidates suited to your needs.

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Bob Dunn

President & CEO, National Steel City, LLC

“We rely on FDRsafety for high-quality, knowledgeable safety professionals who we use on a temporary basis. FDRsafety responds quickly to our needs and since the professionals are their employees their service is easy to use.”


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The easiest way to get started with FDRsafety’s safety staffing services is by reaching out to one of our leaders at 1-888-755-8010 or send us an email. From there, we can assist you in finding the right match for your industry or worksite.