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FDRsafety, LLC is a BBB Accredited Safety Consultant in Brentwood, TN

Recruiting and placement of health and safety professionals


Recruiting and Placement of health and safety ProfessionalsHealth and safety professionals recruiting and placing health and safety professionals

Many companies struggle with the recruitment of full-time health and safety professionals. It can be difficult to evaluate which candidates truly have the qualifications to match your needs. FDRsafety can help.

We will quickly provide you with qualified candidates who have experience in your specific business. We recruit and place candidates nationwide and worldwide.

Why use FDRsafety for recruitment?

Simply stated: We are health and safety professionals recruiting and placing health and safety professionals.

  • FDRsafety has the experience and expertise to fit your needs with top-notch candidates. Doesn’t it only make sense to use safety professionals with experience in the industry, rather than a generalist staffing agency, to help you source your company’s need for a health and safety professional? FDRsafety uses its nationwide network of contacts to identify only those candidates who match your needs.
  • FDRsafety does its homework so you don’t have to. Before submitting a candidate for your review, we conduct a criminal background check, as well as an alcohol and drug screening.
  • FDRsafety works on a contingency basis, which means you do not pay anything until you hire one of our candidates. Once you have selected a candidate, FDRsafety guarantees your satisfaction for 90 days. If your company is not completely satisfied with the safety professional we have provided, we will work with you to find a replacement at no cost.

If you are in search of a health and safety professional, please contact our office today for more information.

Attention health and safety professionals

We are currently accepting resumes for full-time health and safety positions across the United States. If you are a health and safety professional looking for a permanent position, please register on our job board.

For additional information
Please contact Molly O’Brien at or 615-370-1730 if you would like additional information about our health and safety recruitment services.