Our Attitude-Based Safety Culture Training

In a world where safety is addressed in a “how to” be safe manner,
it’s time to address the “why “.

Our 8-Hour Safety Culture Training course leads employees on a journey of
self-reflection and realizations on why safety matters,
resulting in a better appreciation and practice of workplace safety.




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Employees Trained

Our Training Sessions Are

  • Interactive, easily understood and highly motivational
  • Heartfelt and designed to increase awareness of why to be safe
  • Available for all employees
  • Offered on-site or off-site

Our Ten Keywords:

Sometimes employees, both hourly and salary cut corners on SAFETY. No matter the excuse, these shortcuts are made for one of two reasons: to save TIME or increase COMFORTOur Attitude-Based Safety Culture Training program motivates participants to gain a sense of ACCOUNTABILITY, as well as view safety as a VALUE in their lives; theyWANT TO” be safe, rather than feeling they “HAVE TO,” so they can return home to their greatest value in life, their FAMILY.

“FDRsafety helps unlock the mystery around creating a great safety culture and enables all employees to see their active role in the journey. Their training message has helped two of my companies over the last 20 years see that the magic is in taking care of their people and encouraging all employees to be a safety participant.”
Brian Bolinger, Director of Corporate Health and Safety, Rea Magnet Wire Company, Inc.

See what OSHA is saying about the importance of building a safety culture.

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